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Wednesday, December 7, 1994; 6:50pm

"One" Commissions

Edward Mapplethorpe has been photographing 1-year old children since 1995. This subject has become a versatile means for him to explore the human spirit through a child's fresh and unguarded expression.

Mapplethorpe's first commissioned portrait of a child at this age was striking for the unusually mature emotion that was captured during the sitting. This experience prompted the artist to further explore the subject, culminating in over 100 sittings. Mr. Mapplethorpe was promoted in House and Garden Magazine (February 1999) as one of the top commissioned photographers of baby portraits.

The first anniversary of birth is a precise moment in one's development where all the formal elements of studio portraiture can begin. Although he actively photographs people of all ages, Mapplethorpe feels strongly that something remarkable is captured in the faces of his one-year old subjects. At this age a child has the motor skills and ability to sit on his own for the first time and their uninhibited gaze provides a window into the personality that will remain with them for a lifetime.

"One: Sons & Daughters" (PowerHouse Books), featuring 60 commissioned portraits, is available now at Strand and Amazon. Read more about the project here.

For rates and further information: contact@edwardmapplethorpe.com.

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