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Variations 2013

Mapplethorpe’s most recent body of work continues his push to deconstruct the traditional black and white photographic processes with the debut of digital technology in his practice.
As with earlier bodies of work, the camera has been completely removed from the equation. Similarly, the artist has done away with the traditional darkroom format and has devised his own process whereby gelatin silver prints are created in light. He applies and paints colorless chemicals on to gelatin silver paper and allows the elements to react to ambient white light. The resulting unique images are rich with a myriad of color tonalities.

Mapplethorpe then drum scans the unique images and digitally collages them to be output as archival pigment prints on paper. In this way he joins two very distinct photographic processes: one based in alchemy and the other in technology.  This combination has facilitated a more refined definition to the final artwork.

Panels of monochromatic color are an added component to the artwork.  The chosen colors of these panels are selected from tones found within the archival pigment print

Above (L to R):
Top row:
Untitled No. 16, 2013

Untitled No. 05, 2013

Untitled No. 06, 2013

Bottom Row:
Untitled No. 15, 2013

Untitled No. 07, 2013
Untitled No. 13, 2013